Ridgerest Classic Sleeping Pad


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 Patented, molded design is constructed with a pattern of ridges and valleys to trap dead air
Aluminized surface reflects body heat back to sleeping bag
Ridges make this pad softer and more comfortable than smooth closed-cell foam pads
Durable layer of insulation that is ideal for 4 seasons of sleeping
Made in USA


 Best Use:   Backpacking
Sleeping Pad Type:   Closed-cell foam pad
Sleeping Pad Shape:    Rectangular
R Value:   2.8
Gender:   Unisex

* Weight / Dimensions / Pack Size *
Weight:   (Reg) 14 oz / (L) 19 oz
Dimensions:  (Reg) 72 x 20 x 0.62 in / (L) 77 x 25 x 0.62 in
Pack Size:   (Reg) 8 x 20 in / (L) 8.5 x 25 in

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